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The Car Cure driven by Streamline maintenance plan covers minor damage to your vehicle such as trolley dents, scratches, bumps & chips, we provide an innovative vehicle protection solution that maintains a vehicle's pristine condition, but doesn't dent those precious no- claim bonuses.
The Car Cure Maintenance Plan covers minor damage to the exterior of your vehicle such as paint chips, dents, scratches, windshield chips and wheel rim damage.
The Maintenance Limit is R3 000 per incident, with no limit to the number of incidents you can log. We also offer a cumulative R2500 per annum for any wheel and rim damage. Damage in excess of R3000 will not be regarded as minor maintenance and should be covered under your comprehensive motor insurance policy.
As per the Car Cure driven by Streamline terms and conditions, you will have 30 days to log a maintenance call for and incident.
Although you are covered from day one, a general waiting period of 90 days has been imposed to ensure that the monthly fee is met.
No, cover for all future damage will commence after the inception date as stated in your Maintenance Plan. All damage before this will be noted as pre-existing and will not be covered.
Yes, you can accumulate small damage, but the service value per visit is limited to R3 000 per incident.
No, all damage will be taken into account to calculate the cost of maintenance. If you do not restore all the damage noted, this damage cannot be carried forward and will be excluded from the next maintenance OR restoration request.
One of the Maintenance Plan's conditions is that a scratch may not exceed 15 cm in length; if only one condition is violated we reserve the right to repudiate the maintenance request as a whole.
No, Car Cure driven by Streamline has a nationwide network of specialist repairers as well as Mobile Repair Units in specific areas. By using our repairers, we not only assure you of superior workmanship, we guarantee the maintenance or restoration for a period of 3 years.
Firstly, you need to ensure that the maintenance or restoration required is listed in the Maintenance Guideline of your plan. Thereafter, you should either call our friendly customer care team or visit our 'Report Incident' page at www.carcure.co.za/claims and log a maintenance or restoration request.
All maintenance and restoration work is guaranteed for a period of 3 years. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you check the maintenance or restoration work done when you collect your car and sign it off as being acceptable.
No, The Car Cure driven by Streamline Maintenance Plan allows for an unlimited number of repairs for an agreed period up to the maximum value of R3 000 per incident.

Road Accident Fund, who are a state institution that compensate road users who are injured in road accidents.
The fuel levy is a fee that all road users pay on every litre of fuel you put in your vehicle. The Fuel Levy is the money used to fund the RAF.
Any person (or dependent) who has been injured in a road accident, where the accident was the fault of a 3rd party, may claim.
Yes, as long as the accident happened on the road and it wasn't your fault.
No, there is no excess payable.
It is 5% on tyres and accessories and up to 25% off on services such as balancing and alignment.
  • Your ID document
  • Your driver's license
  • The registration details of your vehicle
  • Three written quotes for repair and final invoice
  • A declaration signed by you confirming that you are not claiming from your insurance company and that the information is true
  • If the vehicle is insured, a letter from the insurance company stating that the damage was not claimed from them
  • If the vehicle is not insured, a sworn affidavit stating that there is no insurance cover on the tyre damage

Yes, we guarantee a discount on all new fines settled within 32 days of receiving the fine and it may even be removed altogether due to operational negligence.
Yes, but you can take out a membership for other family members.
Yes, we will look into all existing fines registered to your name. We will do our best to get these fines reduced, however, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee a discount on these fines.
We will only assist with fines received for speeding, all fines received for any other traffic violations are not covered by Fines Cure
Fines Cure assists with reductions and payment of fines only and not driving points - there will be no effect on AARTO points i.e. if AARTO points are deducted, we cannot get these reduced.

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